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Changing O2 tariff on Ultimate Volt package

Joining in

I’m on the Ultimate Volt package which includes an unlimited O2 data sim. I don’t need unlimited data and can save money by reducing my data allowance. I assume this is ok as O2 is billed separately and has its own direct debit but please confirm before I make the change





Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post @Shards, and welcome back to our Community Forums

Do feel free to discuss the details of the tariff with O2, and they will be able to place you on a more suitable tariff.

All that is required to maintain Volt benefits, on your Virgin Media account, is to keep the O2 sim card active on a pay monthly agreement.

Kindest regards,


Hi David,

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve contacted O2 to change my tariff.



Hi Steve,

Thank you for reaching back out and for the update, glad to hear you were able to get your tariff changed after speaking to O2, if you do need any further help, please do not hesitate to reach back out.



Hi David,

The reason for contacting O2 was the RPI increase 1 month after my new Ultimate Volt contract started. When the agent migrated my Ultimate Oomph contract to Ultimate Volt in February the O2 part started in February but the the VM part started on March 23rd.

As detailed in my note to O2 although the VM agent mentioned the April RPI I naturally assumed this would be 2024. I don’t think was any intention to deceive but it does show that O2 and VM are not as joined up as the advertising would suggest. Having checked the O2 contract document it does say April 2023. I was told by the VM agent that I would not need to sign a new contract so didn’t check in detail as I assumed the SIM card would be a direct replacement for the VM SIM card.


O2 haven’t made the change yet.



Hi Thanks for your quick response. My complaint is that my new Ultimate Volt contract started on March the 23rd. The O2 part of this bundle started at the end of February. Previously I was on the VM Ultimate Oomph package which includes unlimited Virgin Mobile sim. The contract was migrated by a VM agent including the O2 part. It was explained about the April price increase but as the contract was due to start in March I naturally assumed this would be April 2024. All the marketing info implies that O2 and VM are joined but it would appear that they are operating as separate companies. I do think I was misdold this contract,albeit probably unknowingly. It was explained to me the the Ultimate Volt package would be billed in two parts £111 for VM and £25 for the O2 sim. This price was for 18 months ending in September 2024 with an RPI increase applied in April 2024. I was not expecting an increase 1 month after contract start. I would appreciate it if you escalate this to your manager.
Thank you for getting back to us, Stephen.

The change will be part of he o2 tariff change, if there will be any price rise on the Virgin Media account for this change, you will need to contact Virgin Media and check with them.



Thank you for getting back in touch @Shards 

Are you disputing the price rise charge or do you have other concerns with your package or contract? 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Hi Carley,

My disappointment is because when I migrated from Ultimate Oomph to Ultimate Volt in February it wasn’t made clear that the O2 part would be subject to an RPI increase in April. It was confusing because the O2 sim only contract was started in February but the VM part started  in March. It was explained to me that the bill was to be made up of two parts £25 for O2 and £111 for VM for 18 months to September 2024. I’ve just noticed that my O2 contract is to August 2024 so not as joined up as your advertising suggests. it was highlighted about the RPI increase but as the VM contract started in March I naturally assumed it would be applied in April 2024. A concern is why the contracts were not started together. I know the monthly increase is only £4.32 but over an 18 month contract it adds up to a significant amount.

Previously the Ultimate Oomph was one contract.

The good part is that I have changed my O2 tariff to a lower price than the April price increase of £29.32 as I don’t really need unlimited data. I don’t think this would have been possible under Ultimate Oomph as the SIM price was not broken out.

To be clear the VM agent who made the migration to Ultimate Volt and setup the O2 contract was very helpful and probably didn’t realise that starting the O2 contract early would mean that it would be subject to an RPI increase in a matter of weeks.

I don’t think O2 will do anything as the RPI was in their contract but if VM could credit the £4.32 for the unexpected April increase I would be ok with that.





We are so sorry for any trouble caused by this @Shards but we are so glad to hear that you have been able to negotiate a new tariff.


Please do pop back to us here at the forums should you need any help in the future.