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Change mobile plan

Joining in
  • I am on mates rates ,and today I have contacted Virgin mobile about my mobile plan as I have received a letter re a deal of 10 GB and unlimited minutes and texts for £5.25.
  • Advised by the call handler that this offer has now finished and is £7.00 
  • Firstly is that true ,or is it the fact that the discount for mates rates in the letter is correct and the call handler is wrong.
  • Surely a letter arriving today can't be out of date?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @MBates1 thanks for your post here, although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised here.

I can appreciate this is disappointing, when you receive a communication with a price we might not be able to offer anymore.

Due to postal strikes, this letter may have been delayed in reaching you so can you please check to see if there is a date listed on the letter for when the price promo ends, as this is generally the case?

Many thanks


No specific date on letter , just October 2022

Hi @MBates1 thanks for your reply.

It is possible that the offer on this letter has now expired unfortunately, as these can vary day-to-day.

Unfortunately however, we don't support with package changes over on the Community so I would advise giving the team a call again, and they can provide you with the best offer. 

Many thanks