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Cannot believe the poor level of treatment I have received!

> Virgin media works intermittently at my home. It often takes four or five minutes for a whatsapp message to go through to a friend which means I must rely on mobile data

> Mobile data (monthly allowance) runs out in the middle of the month because of the poor WIFI service that I am (stupidly) paying for

> I must then pay extra for mobile data. Responsibly, and with some foresight, I login to mobile account to put a £0 credit limit in place. To stop myself from paying for any apps udpating in the background, etc. Virgin tell me I can't do this because the limit won't come into place until 4th February. Fine (but not fine really).

> I receive a text message from Virgin two days ago to say my allowances have been refreshed. Very good, or so I think.

> Two days later now and I still have no data, and so I spend my time turning my phone on and off, turning airplane mode on and off, to try and connect to the Virgin network again.

> Today. Enough. I call Virgin to find out what is occurring.

> I am told that my services have been "barred" for running up a mobile data bill of £56, which is £50 over my usual £6 Agreement. That is £50 extra than I now must pay beyond the £37 a month I am paying for Virgin WIFI in my home that does not work as it should. (I must look like a fool to Virgin at the moment, because they are treating me as one) 

> I tell the gentleman on the phone that I can pay this money - it is not a great problem - and that I expect that they would have taken it in the middle of the month in my next direct debit. A reasonable expectation I would say.

> He tells me that they will take the money, and I will receive a bill for it, but this £56 is the unbilled amount that I owe. And I am over my "50 pounds credit limit", or some nonsense.

> I ask him how it is that Virgin did not alert me that I owe this money or that my services were "barred".

> I tell him I can understand cutting off a persons services when they fail to pay a bill, but as he said: this is an amount that I have yet to be billed for.

> Virgin did not alert me that this money was owed. Virgin had not yet given me an opportunity to pay. Virgin still treat me like a somebody who had broken faith and "barred" my services.

> I cannot believe.... cannot believe.

> Does anybody at Virgin have anything to say to me that can begin to justify this service?

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Re: Cannot believe the poor level of treatment I have received!

Hello Danielmccormick, 


Welcome to our community forum page. 

I'm very sorry about the WiFi issues you've been experiencing at home, along with the additional charges on your mobile bill for exceeding your data allowance. 

Do you use our Virgin Mobile app along with your online Virgin Mobile to track your monthly allowances? 

How long have you been experiencing issues with your WiFi service for? 

Have you tired our handy WiFi tips to help improve the wireless signal in your home? 

Dean C

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