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Cancellation Fee

Hi There, 

I am Callum and I live in Luton. My family travels across the U.K. a lot and virgin has terrible service in and around the area that I live despite the checker saying otherwise. Sometimes in the comfort of my own home I can’t send or view messages or use data. Even with signal it’s an issue. I have looked online and on the virgin site and gone through many procedures to try and fix the issues however no progress was ever made. 

I have tried calling in to be left on a waitline for hours just to be told I called the wrong number. 

I am now deciding to cancel my contract. However there is a fee of approximately £43.. this is outrageous as the mobile network isn’t even good, and I have had no help. My mother is in a wheelchair and these are funds that we as a family are not willing to lose! 
Please help! We really cannot pay this fee. 

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