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Calling for help

So I have had this like three times now where the person asks me to name certain characters of my PASSWORD to pass the verification but then when I do it they say I’ve failed and give me my hint which is place of birth then I’m like well that’s my SECURITY QUESTION not my password so I’ve failed everytime because they are asking for the wrong thing when I corrected him he even said my apologies I was asking for the wrong one I mean it’s all good but still if they ended the call everytime someone failed then I’d be screwed also didn’t know that when I was calling to make a payment they would ask for every card detail considering the fact that there’s like tonnes of fraud and scamming happening so that is also a bit strange 

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Calling for help

HI JoeyReed04,

Thanks for posting here.
We are sorry to hear about this issue with our Data Protection process and your password confirmation over a previous call with the team.

Please, be aware we are doing our best to keep your account information secure at all times, so we would not discuss any information on the account whilst the person at the other end of the line is not verified and confirmed as the account owner or person with granted access to it.
This way, we avoid fraudsters and keep your information secure. 
The team would indeed ask to confirm secondary details such as bank sort code etc in case you fail to confirm a few of your memorable word characters.
You may read all the related information to this process here.

Is there any queries you may have, which we would be able to help you with today?
Let us know and we are happy to do so.

Adri - Forum Team

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