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Just joined

Due to no wifi & internet conditions in my area. 

I cancelled my service with Virgin Media and requested a credit / refund for the 12 months of no service.

I was informed that a technical would be looking into it. I there for cancelled my DD and requested to leave.

All of this documentation is back up via email.

I received payment demands, that i unwilling paid for a intermittent / No service.

I am left with a credit DEFAULT on my search history and is now hindering me remortaging.

IT HAS BEEN 24 months since the email trail has started / i have no account to log in and you will not answer my questions.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @tonypbrewster,

Welcome to our Community Forums! Thank you for your first post and I'm very sorry to hear that you've had some issues with your billing that in turn impacted your Credit File.

Have you previously been in touch with our team to have this investigated and see what is causing the issue? 

What questions do you have? Please let us know so we can assist further.

Thank you.

Forum Team

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Alessandro Volta

tonypbrewster, your complaint is complex with many strands, and I suspect it will be a challenge to get this resolved because you appear to have left things far too long.  You say you paid in response to demands for payment which won't help, and there's complications down to details you've not given, like whether at the time you gave an instruction to cancel separately to the cancelling of the DD, and whether you were at the time in a discounted contract with a minimum duration.  

If you were not in a minimum term contract cancelling would have been simply a matter of giving 30 days notice, and VM should have processed that, sometimes they don't and could be the case here.  If you were in a minimum term contract, then to cancel you'd need to have told them that you were making time of the essence in resolving the problem, and that if they did not resolve the problems to your satisfaction then you would hold them to have terminated the contract by their failure to supply the service to an adequate standard.  A persistently poor or erratic service, or exceptionally poor customer service can be entirely valid grounds for terminating an existing contract under both established UK contract law, and under the terms of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, but to do this there would need to be:

a) history of protracted problems

b) failure by VM to resolve this despite you bringing the matter to their attention

c) notice given by you.

Sounds like a+b are matters of fact, although as VM will probably have deleted all call recordings long ago, its down to your record keeping to provide evidence.  Is there anything?  Was there ever a formal complaint brought?

For aspect c, did you speak to or write to VM giving notice of cancellation?   And one last aspect is whether you issued a valid cancellation, but cancelled the DD before VM's slow and clunky processes had finalised the account. 

Potentially there's the basis of a claim for compensation and correction of the credit history, but that depends - what can you comment in regard of the above?  Equally, if you can't substantiate that you gave VM a valid cancellation notice then it may be that the best you can do is to settle any outstanding (defaulted) payment, and try adding a Notice of Correction to your credit history if you think there are extenuating circumstances (note that you only get 200 words).