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Blocked sim 24 hours after i phoned to say phone found half hour later on the same phone.

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I lost my phone you were going to cancel sim however within the hour the bus driver returned phone. I used said phone to call you. It was obvious I had phone back as it would of come up with my number on your system. The guy said no worries the lady didn't cancel your sim. So there is nothing to do as its working normally. My sim has just stopped working 24 hours later. I'm very angry with your company you asursed me everything was nomal. I need my phone working today. This is unexceptable for me to ring on the lost phone to tell you I have it then you go block it when you said you hadn't. Terrible service. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Glamlou,

I have already responded to the other post that you have made, if you could reply to my private message on that thread, I will be able to get this looked into further for you.

Kind Regards,