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Blocked mobile... terrible customer service!!!

Dear #RichardBranson #virginmobile I would like to advise that as a customer for many years with virgin mobile I am absolutely appalled by the customer service... or lack of! that I have received over this past 2 weeks. My son lost his iPhone 6 which I purchased and paid for in full from virgin mobile. You kindly blocked the sim and sent a new one in the post. My son then found the phone so I put the new sim in which did not work. I therefore called virgin to activate the sim only to be told that the phone had been blacklisted and needed to be removed from this list before it could be used. I waited 48 hours but still nothing. I called back but for a number of days I could not get through because of upgrades to the systems. I eventually called again to be told that the system upgrades had caused a fault in the communication to your IT team therefore the request was submitted again. I Waited another 48 hours and still nothing. I called again and this time was told I would get a call back within 24 hours and if they could not reactivate the phone I would be sent a new phone. NO CALL BACK!!! I called back again to be told that they would override this system and it would be activated within an hour. I did as they said waited the hour turned the phone off and back on and still nothing. I called again! By this point as you can imagine I'm quite annoyed. The person JUDE (obviously in the wrong job) didn't want to listen to my complaint so hung up. I called back again! To be told that I was lied to and they couldn't override the system and it would take another 48 hours. I spoke to a manager at this point as no one seemed to be able to help. He said he could raise the issue with the people who lied, hung up etc but could not help with my issue. I got annoyed (understandably!) and said so I have paid £600 for a phone that I now can't use because no one can help, or chooses not to help, or blatantly lies to get me off the phone... guess what... HE HUNG UP!!!!!! Omg by this point I'm livid!!! No stores to go into to speak to someone and not even able to get through to a UK based callcenter! So I'm still no further forward. I have £600 worth of phone that I can't use, a call centre that can't help and my blood is now boiling hotter than a raging volcano! So tell me #virginmobile #richardbranson... what exactly do you suggest I do because I am now at a loss!
Anyone else had issues because I'd be very pleased if you could add to my list of complaints to pass on! Customer service?! I am from a customer service background and if i had treat a customer like that In any of my jobs I'd have been sacked! Disgraceful!!!
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Re: Blocked mobile... terrible customer service!!!

Hi Nickycockburn,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. My deepest apologies for the poor experience and communication in trying to get your handset back working again.


From what you've described, it appears the reversal of the blacklisting got stuck in the system. Whenever we raise an IT ticket it can take 5-7 days to resolve.


I believe this has been resolved since posting? If so, I'm hoping everything is fine with the handset now.



Forum Team

Can make calls, but no data? Check your "Virgin Mobile APN settings"

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