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ANOTHER Account fraudulently opened - is stopping me buying a house


I am in the middle of a mortgage application at the moment and have found 4 fraudulent accounts taken out with Virgin Media, under my name, at an address I have never lived at.  This is now blocking my mortgage application and there is a risk that this will cause our move to fall through.  I have raised a complaint through your freestyle credit team on April 6 and have received no further detail or contact from you, despite chasing your teams every week.

I have previously raised this directly with Virgin Mobile through your helpdesk in mid-March and was provided a fraud investigation reference number - I have had no response, but understand that the investigation has been closed.

I am an existing Virgin Media customer for many, many years and am disgusted at the lack of support I have received from the Virgin processes and the fact that your lack of security and fraud checks when opening an account have caused this issue in the first place.

And, just for absolute clarity, I have never lived, not even temporarily, at the address.  
Another important point - the account was opened against an HSBC account.  I, nor any of my other family, have ever had an HSBC bank account.

Please, please, please can you help with any updates on what is going on or advice on how to drive the process faster.
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Re: ANOTHER Account fraudulently opened - is stopping me buying a house

Hi Macmini,


Thank you for taking the time to post on our Community Forums, I am very sorry to hear what's happened and that this is affecting your mortgage application. I am also disappointed to hear that you have been left in the dark with the investigation and haven't been fully updated.


I'm going to send you over a PM so I can take some further details and look into this for you. Please look out for my message over at the purple envelope.


Kind regards,



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