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5GB Oomph SIM query

My Virgin Media Bundle was about to expire so I phoned retentions hoping to get a better deal. The girl I spoke to updated my package from "Full House TV, 200mb Broadband and Talk More Anytime" to a "Bigger Oomph Bundle" at a saving of about £10/month that includes pretty much the same as my old bundle but she said I'd have to take a 5GB Oomph SIM, she gave no details about the Oomph SIM other than it was the only way I could reduce my monthly payments. She said I don't need to use the SIM if I don't want it and to just put it in the drawer and forget it. Now I've received the SIM and a letter saying my Direct Debit is confirmed ... can I just ignore this letter or am I going to be billed for a SIM I don't want or need as I already have and use two Virgin Mobile SIMS?

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Re: 5GB Oomph SIM query

The Oomph SIM itself doesn't use the Direct Debit unless you use the SIM and have out of allowance charges. Everything else is on your main cable bill.

So yes you can ignore it if you're not using it.
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