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why have i been billed when i have cancelled my package and returned the equipment

on July 21st having spent over 3 hours on hold trying to close my account and give the appropriate 30 day's notice to cancel my package as i am moving - i finally managed to speak to someone and we initiated the ending of the service with the end date of August 21st.  I was then bombarded with texts and emails demanding the return of the virgin media equipment with threats of charges if not done so despite it being 2-3 weeks before my end date. 

i actually returned the equipment on Saturday 15th August a full 6 days before the end date, however i have just received my 'normal" monthly invoice dated August 17th - i have cancelled my direct debit as I do not owe any money having complied both with the 30day notice period and returned the equipment before the actual agreed end date of August 21st 

Please can this be rectified asap 

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Re: why have i been billed when i have cancelled my package and returned the equipment

Hi sunshinegirl_75,

Hopefully this will shed some light on how the final billing works.

When you cancel by  giving the 30 days notice period your are billed up until the date of disconnection. In this time if another bill has been produced before your disconnection date it will show that your are going to be charged for the month going forward. 

Once your disconnection goes through any advance charges on your account will be refunded back to you and you will receive a final revised bill with the correct amount owed.

If you are left with any credits on your account after the disconnection of your services you will be sent a cheque refund 45 days after disconnection.


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