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whats going on with VM Landlines again

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yesterday took a call on my landline so i know it was fine as of 4pm

This morning the warning red light is flashing on my falls alarm [AGAIN] picked up reveiver and its dead this is the 4th time in 2 months

I dont know if VM reolises what a fall alarm is ? its a piece of equipment put in incase i have a fall where u can press a button on a peice that goes round the neck to inform the falls company you have fallen which sends them infomation so they can call on you to see if you are ok

So if the landline is out of action this call can not go through

So what do i do just stay on the floor until VM decideds to fix it ... this is not good for VMs reputation



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LANDLINE DOWN-11/04/2023 and 12/04/2023

I have also no landline at present, it went off last night at 21.45 when there was a power cut that lasted till 23.00., so I used battery lights and torches.

This morning still no landline.

I am in the north east VM area 30.

I used a mobile phone to ring VM for service status on 08005610061 which confirmed the phones are down and will be fixed by 16.00 today.

My wife is disabled also, so I understand your concern. VM can provide a battery backup phone system which uses mobile connection in a power cut.

Hope you do have a mobile phone for emergencies such as this.

The alternative VM number to 150 is 03454541111

The VM service status page is, or log into your  vm account for service status.

My landline can not call out or receive calls.


LANDLINE FIXED 08.55 12/04/2023

The landline tone is back and I have tested the phone, it is both calling out and receiving calls.

VM have sent me a text message on my mobile phone to confirm they have fixed my services.

Have you been able to check and confirm if the landline issue has now been resolved ALF28?




My landline is now fixed, however not sure about the original post Lynda_T1 if it was fixed for them,so they may need to update the thread or VM to contact  the original poster Lynda_T1

Interesting to note that when I looked in my own account the service status indicated no phone problems, only when I rang the service status number did it confirm an area fault, now fixed in my area following a Powergrid loss of electric supply last night  during stormy weather which  affected the VM landline phone system for over 11 hours.

As we are classed as vulnerable, we get service alerts for services via landline and mobile phone  regarding electric and water.

The loss of phone services is unusual, in the past the landline used to work during an electric  power cut.  (my landline is still via the cable, not yet switched to the hub connection)

My mobile phone was useful as I was able to ring VM from that while the landline was down, but you need to keep a note of the correct phone numbers to contact VM if the landline does fail for any reason.

Luckily, the local power cut did not affect the local mobile masts  (they must have backup power)  or other masts still worked nearby and our mobiles were  enabling communication with the outside world, as during that time the internet was also unavailable due to the power cut.

Note- wise to keep a fully charged mobile phone "close and handy" at all times , I have several and charge them up every day, could be a  lifesaver.

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Yes the issue is fixed now they had to send an engineer to transfer me over to thier new system

im in area 24 not sure if the new system had reached here or not but i wasnt given any details of when ?

as i said mine was of nearly a week But the engineer fixed it in minutes by bypassing the wall socket where you normally plug your phone in to plugging it in directed to the hub

everything been running good since then



On our wavelength

Yes i do have a mobile thats wasnt the issue honey i need the landline because its connected to my falls alarm  when i called the lady suggested i can the company and explain whats happend and the engineer has been called out

nothig about a backup system ? to get the falls alarm connected while i wait for the enginner to come 5pm friday

maybe they over looked that

Thank you @lyndaT1 for popping back and we are glad you were able to speak to the team about this.

Just to clarify do you have an appointment on Friday for the back up battery to be installed?