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what do ido

just after some general advice if possible unfortunately my virgin broadband etc contract is coming to a end I have given my notice and the guy I originally spoke to told me that I would pay another bill but it would be recredited 1 month later?????

now today I spoke to retentions but was unable to agree a deal he told me as that I had payed my bill upto the end of my contract to cancel the direct debit so I wouldn't pay anymore basically does anybody know the correct way as looking at my terms it says unpaid direct debits are charged at 7.50 

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Re: what do ido

Hand 30 days notice in, leave DD active. After the 30 day notice runs out a final bill is produced that either have final charges or credit back to you based on the time you last paid etc.


Once the final bill is paid/credited, the DD would be ok to cancel.

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