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well done to the mega Megan_L

Huge massive shout out to @Megan_L . Megan listens, laughs, understands, really does try to solve problems, treats you like a person rather than an account, and is an absolute credit to humanity, let alone VM. Just talking to someone being a human being, rather than someone trying to be a representative of a company, makes such a huge positive difference. Megan just being Megan, just being her genuine and super self, definitely was the difference between me going to CISAS with a multi level complaint and me finding another provider. She really does deserve the biggest payrise you can give her! To anyone having issues with VM like complaints etc, it really is worth signing up for the forums, and doing a post like my first one. it is a transformative experience talking to someone who genuinely cares, like Megan does.  (note to all. please be lovely to Megan if you do have the privilege of chatting to her. she really deserves all the kindness that comes her way)

Also a big thanks to Megans manager, who called me when agreed, had read up on the complaint prior to the call, and listened to me as we went over things. again, a real credit to VM and a really nice person too 🙂

To those at the top of VM. If you train people to treat customers with the respect, understanding, kindness and warmth that Megan does, and just let your people be their real and genuine selves, you will have far less complaints, and far higher customer satisfaction scores. How the digital team treat their customers should be a model for your entire customer operations. it’s really simple. one point of contact who really listens, understands, asks questions when they dont understand, and replies within a reasonable timescale with clear answers and ways forward. that is all customers want. keep it simple and easy. my issue with VM has taken 60 days to get to this point, and text, chat, calls, emails, and complaints have all failed in one way or another. Megan and me have been chatting for a few days, (and some of that was the weekend), and we have now agreed a resolution. 

VM would save so much time and money, by spending a little more time at the beginning with each customer, and offering bespoke solutions, rather than making customers feel like their issue is being squashed into a tickbox, which is how my VM experience had been prior to Megan was.

if anyone from VM wants to discuss this with me further, they are more than welcome to 🙂

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Re: well done to the mega Megan_L

@Megan_L @Kev_B 

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Re: well done to the mega Megan_L

Hi Davidstgr,

Thanks for taking the time to give us such wonderful feedback about Megan and I'm glad to hear she's been able to get matters resolved for you. 🙂

I've passed this on to Megan's manager and also our operations manager so she can get the kudos she really deserves.


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