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virgin at it again

Tuning in

virgin signed me up to a contract with out consent as part of a home e move even though I told the guy I would ring to talk about a new contract once move had taken place low a behold I ring they signed me up to a contract without my consent 


Knows their stuff

The frustrating aspect is that this could be put right in a couple of minutes but due to greed and pure pig headedness they prefer to waste everybodies time including their own and further damage their customer service reputation - if that is possible.

Good luck with it - at least you are now aware of the kind of organisation you are dealing with. No disrespect meant to the forum staff -  they take the flak in their role of buffer between the customer and any form of management - updates would be of interest and may assist others 

yes I would like it escalated I had 3 calls today from virgin all 3 hung up when answered 

Hi Justin2211,

Thanks for reaching back out, as advised by Steven a complaint has been raised and a member of the team will pick this up ASAP, the team aim to respond within 7 days however it can take up to 28 days, this is set out in our complaints code of practice.



Tuning in

still trying it so had all the contracts cancelled finally got through to a lady who cancelled I gave my 30 days notice low and behold 2 months later there still trying to take money and denying cancelling yes I have emails of the cancellation this company you need to avoid 

We truly apologise for this experience @Justin2211

This is certainly not ideal and it is not the level of service we look to provide. In this case, I am sending you a private message. Please look out for the purple envelope and provide a response when you can.



Forum Team

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Knows their stuff

It is exactly the level of service VM wishes to provide the clue being that is what they are actually doing by choice - incompetence just does not cover it