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my recent bill shows an upgrade to 200 mbs

also a cerdit and debit cancelling each other out.

I did not request this upgrade. am I being charged for this

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: upgrade

Can you please

Type ( in Modem mode) into your browser URL bar and press enter. 

Hub 2 & 3 When the page appears DO NOT LOG IN but click ‘Check Router Status’.

Hub 4 When the page appears LOG IN then click ‘Check Router Status’.

Copy and paste the contents of the Configuration tab onto here, if you get a yellow / straw box warning click the Post button again. Use one post for each tab if you wish.

Please do not use screen grabs.


Mike Robinson
Semi-Retired Aircraft Engineer & Computer Based Training and Learning Designer for many of the world's Military Arms.

My Broadband Ping - Mike Robbo
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Re: upgrade

Hi lesanon,

If you are an Oomph customer then it's a free upgrade, information from help/coronavirus-update 

M100 Fibre Broadband speed upgrades

We’re giving over a million customers who currently pay for speeds under 100Mbps a free boost from superfast broadband to ultrafast M100 Fibre Broadband. We’re also boosting Oomph customers with M100 Fibre Broadband to M200 Fibre Broadband.


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