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trying to chat to someone on live chat

Joining in

hi does anyone know what takes the live chat take so long to connect, i have been waiting for 2 and a half hours now to talk to someone, does anyone know the times the live chat are open till?? am i just wasting my time waiting for someone to talk to??


Tuning in

Hi, im sure they shut at 9pm uk time, probably start winding up about 8.30 pm.

As for the live chat, yes it takes an absolute age, its best when you get the option to transfer the chat over to whats app, then you can get on with your day until they come back to you. ALWAYS ask for a copy of whatever is discussed to be sent to your email, im sorry to say you will need it to ensure whatever your request is , is done.

yeah was in chat with them from 6:30pm Uk time, absolute joke sometimes, ill just try again tomorrow all i can do now thank you

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @jjhrogers thanks for posting and welcome to our community.

Sorry to hear you've been unable to get through to our live chat team. And sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing you. All of our contact methods can be found here. The available contact methods will sometimes depend on the time of day or how busy department etc, may be.  The recommended contact method would be made to you after selecting the service you require help with.  As you've reached out to us, I would like to take a look on your behalf. I am going to send you a private message. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right of your screen.