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I need to negotiate my bill to stay at the same price as the special offer on my contract ends.

I cant afford more than what I am paying at the moment. Due to many of your centres shut down with the present Covid 19 issue, I can hardly go through your phone. They are asking for telephone password which I have forgotten and the phone just hang up. I feel like just switching to another service provider

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Re: switching

Hi mildredmagw2003,

If you can't remember your telephone password then input anything and don't put the phone down, the call should then be picked up by an agent.

The agent should be able to ask other questions to verifiy you as the account holder such as last bill date/amount, bank details. 

You can ask them to send a reminder of your phone password through the post. The password is  usually something along the lines of name of first school, town of birth, mothers maiden name.




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