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retentions v web chat

since i ve posted  on the web chat  at 8am this morning an 8 hours later

manage to speak with an agent called bea  - told him want i wanted to downgrad etc then he put me threw 2 retentions im still waiting - makes me thing that its possible that virgin as disable this  an we can do anything with it - all we want is our contract sorted

i have   tv bb fone n mobile over a number of years - this service over the last few months is beyond the joke

its now just after 1700 i doubt i get any one so the lies continue of the waiting game till the suppose new contract starts in fed n which didnt agree to

with a number off issues i want to raised about my contract no one as contatced me off this - apart from 2 letters that got sent out - the days are being numbered for them to resolve this

 an all i want is the account to be sotted i cant keep doing this every  day n hope n pray it will

bit there is no light at the end or is there


the promise of a good serice is really beging to be a joke of a service


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