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I keep telling virgin media don't send me any promotions  for any services, they still continue to do this. I have been returning the promotions to sender , it seems to stop now it started up again. How do you deter them for sending you anything by post. they have my email address therefore they can send me what they feel I need to check, however most of the times I delete without reading if I dont think it interests me.

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Re: promotions

Hi Joi,

If you sign into  you can turn off marketing from VM.

If you also have a mobile with VM you would also have to turn of the marketing there by logging into 

This doesn't stop VM sending literature by post to the householder.

Please note it can take up to 28 days to take effect ..

Also there are no separate options to turn off telephone, post, text messages, tv edit magazine etc individually, so all forms of marketing will be stopped.

If you still want to read the tv edit magazine then save <<< this bookmark >>> 


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