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price increases

So , yet another monthly increase up to 51 pounds a month ! Our internet is constantly playing up , rebooting it everyday etc go onto a price comparison website and low and behold the same package near enough is on an 18 month contract with an amazon voucher for 24 per month !!! Totally to complain , cut off and always busy ! Simply ridiculous customer service ...this needs to be addressed ASAP !!

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Re: price increases

OK, let's deal with the two parts here.

1. Dodgy connection.  Could be a number of things, but to get started, how about you connect to the hub by clicking on this link  That should pull up the log in page for the hub.  But don't log in, just click on the link "Check router status"  That'll bring up a window with five tabs.  Open the Downstream tab.  Select all the text (Ctrl-A if using a keyboard), copy it (Ctrl-C), then paste it (Ctrl-V) into a reply here as text, not screenshots.  Post that, do the same for the Upstream and Network log.  You'll get an error message when you post the Network log, just click on "post" a second time.  Then setup a BQM over at that'll show what's going on with your VM connection.  Post a link to a live, shared graph here and we'll see what's happening.  Usually needs to run for 24 hours before we can draw reasonable conclusions, but the live graph will continuously update so you can do that immediately.

2. Poor value.  Basically, you have three choices: (a) Tolerate it and grumble, (b) phone up, challenging though that is and play the game, or (c) cancel and get a deal with another ISP.

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