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myvirginmedia shows my old account after moving house

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Hello, I had virginmedia at my old house and organised a new package when I moved at the end of July. Since moving I cannot access my new virgin media account. When I try and register a new account it just forces me to login to the previous one with the old area code/account number. I have tried using a different email and this didn't work. I waited until I received my first bill for the new account and still was unable to register my new account. I can see this is a frequently occurring issue, but there doesn't seem to be a solution to it other than getting in contact via this forum. Any help would be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance,


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi TG1235 👋

Thanks for posting, and welcome to the Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble accessing your My Virgin Media for your new address due to a previously registered account at a different address. I'm going to send you a private message, so we can look into this for you. 

Please look out for it in the top-right, white envelope or by tapping your profile picture and then "Messages".


Reece - Forum Team

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I am also having this problem. I’ve contacted VM 3 times about it already and I’m not convinced they are doing anything about it. Last Sunday they said it would take 5 days to get it sorted out and I had to contact them again yesterday but still feel like nothing is going to happen. If there is anybody who could help me out that would be amazing! TIA

Hi @Alex413vw thanks for posting.

Sorry to hear of your ongoing issue with your My Virgin Media account.  I can see that you're now liaising with my colleague Kath.  I will therefore leave you in her very capable hands.