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moving home and being put into a new 18 month contract

Joining in

Hi all, 


Having the same issue here. 


Contacted the Movers team about moving home. Just looking to keep all my services exactly the same. Was told this wouldn't be a problem and that my services and minimum period would be simply transferred over but I would have to pay for activating at my new address. Absolutely fine. 

Received an email confirming the move and to pack up my equipment as I'd need it for my new property, and easily booked for an engineer to come out to sort out installing my modem as I needed it run to a new position in the house. Engineer came out early and everything was set up and good to go quick and easy. So far so good!

But while all this was happening I was also getting emails about a new contract being set up, Which had a new area reference and account number which I understood would be generated as I had moved, But then the first bill came in and was the full £77 my package costs and not the discounted £55 I had been paying prior to moving and I had a new start and end date on my contract as opposed to the continuation of my contract that I was told would be the case. and of course, Being told to pay the First month, plus a month plus the connection charges bringing the first bill to £174.


After several hours on the phone being told this was my fault as I had changed my services (I had not and had both my contracts to prove) and being passed around various departments, I finally got through to someone who told me this was an error on the movers team and would adjust my contract to reflect my original deal and this would be amended on my next bill to correctly reflect what I should be paying. However I have since received an email that due to not paying the incorrect bill I will now be receiving a £7.50 late payment charge and a £30 credit on my account that, when expired, will cause me to have my services disconnected!


I am absolutely furious with this situation as I have been a happy Virgin customer for many years, But I am now being expected to pay for Virgin breaking the terms of my contract and starting me on a new contract without my consent and the worst part seems to be how common this practice is judging by how many people have the same issue on this forum.

I'm hoping someone can finally sort this out for me before I need to escalate this to the ombudsman. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @lw1087 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

I hope your house move went well 🙂

Sorry to hear of the experience with this though, you're absolutely spot on, the old contract even if rolling agreement would be moved over. Normally if they have to put it on at full price, due to the coding issues, you're told in advance and this is sorted. 

I will send you a PM though to deal with this.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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