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misled about reconnecting to go through retentions

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I was offered a better deal by retentions, after I canceled my contract. I called them back to talk about this and they said to reconnect my wifi (it had only just been disconnected) so that I could get a new contract sorted, and said to check with virgin media how long the cooling-off period was for that. I called virgin media, explained the situation and they offered to reconnect my internet connection so I could then go back to retentions to sort a new contract. I was repeatedly told there is a 14-day cooling-off period from reconnecting. I repeatedly double-checked with the person who was organising the reconnection over the phone, that there would be no extra terms or hidden charges, and that the cooling-off period was 14 days, and they reassured me of this. I have tried repeatedly to call back the person from retentions who originally contacted me with an offer, and have left them a voicemail, to sort the new contract before the cooling-off period expires, and have had no answer.

I've spent well over an hour and a half today calling Virgin Media's helpline to either negotiate a new contract at the price I was offered, or disconnect within that 14-day cooling-off period, and have just been given confusing differing information each time, and repeatedly been passed to different people. I was told that I have an outstanding bill of £100 due in June or July after being told that there would be no hidden charges, and that I would need to give 30 days' notice before disconnecting. How can you give 30 days' notice to cancel during a 14-day cooling-off period?

I've spoken to around 8 different members of staff on the phone, and they each gave me different contradictory information with no clear answers. I have accommodations registered on my account for my learning difficulties, which have been accommodated before on phone calls, and I stated this repeatedly throughout the calls, yet not been given these accommodations today, I also informed them I am recovering from a recent brain surgery and just needed this issue resolved simply instead of all this confusing conflicting information. 

I repeatedly asked to register a complaint but kept getting passed from person to person with no clear answer, and seemingly no one logged it as a complaint, I have not received a reference number. This has been again repeated through a whatsapp conversation today. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi marthaapps99, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear you're having an issue getting a deal applied. 

When you're offered a deal, unless you take it there and then, there is no guarantee that it will be available when you call back. 

When you make a change to your service, you will get a 14 day cooling off period which allows you to revert back to the previous conditions however when cancelling your services, there is a 30 day notice period.

I can see that you have already spoken to the team have they have already raised a complaint on your account and also sorted the disconnection for you with the 30 days notice. 

If there is anything else we can do, please let us know. 


Forum Team

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