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i was supposed to get 12 month discount and only got 9 month ??

Hi when i resigned upto a new contact i was told that i would get two discounts for 12 month but they was only able to apply one for 12 month(( £9 Bigger bundle 12 m Discount ))  & the other for 9 month discount (( oe10 off tv for 9 month )) and a further 3 month when the 9 month runs out . I was to ring up for the last 3 month of the discount to be added but  all phone lines are down and unable to ring up to get the last 3 month discount . ie i was not going to get the package if i did not get the discount for 12 month 

My bill has just gone up i am not happy about this at all and will be looking for Virgin to fix this problem fast . Money is very tight at the moment and not able to pay the added costs   

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