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homeworks added without me asking for it

On our wavelength

can someone from the virgin team tell me why a subscription service called ' virgin homeworks' has been added to my account without me asking for it..

the first i knew of this was when i received an email today from virgin thanking me for adding this service...

apparently this service costs £9.99....

i dont want it and i will not pay £9.99 per month for it..



Hi @willtup2 

Please respond to my PM and I can assist further.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Thanks John_GS - but I was very annoyed that a moderator had moved my comment out of this thread when it quite clearly belonged in this thread as it was exactly the same topic - so rather than continue on this set up I decided to ring VM myself to sort this out as i wanted to know how my contract could be changed without prior notification or agreement by me - the first person I spoke to decided to try to convince me that homeworks had replaced gadget rescue and that "everyone" is being switched over!! Until i challenged him by telling him that I had researched into the 2 schemes and that as far as i was aware homeworks had NOT replaced gadget rescue and i advised him that VM are still providing both services - he acquiesced and passed me on to another dept I then spent almost 2 hours speaking to people in customer relations and gadget rescue who did not know why this had happened on my account - they were baffled by it 😔  customer services eventually cancelled homeworks and assured me that my package would now be back to exactly as it was before and that all they needed to do was pass me onto gadget rescue to set gadget rescue back up - this was eventually done but it all took a really long time no-one seemed very bothered by what had happened on my account!! I had to ask two people If they would provide me with a gesture of goodwill to be credited to cover the loss of my 2 hours of time spent sorting this sad situation out, that i had not instigated in any way at all. The first person (from customer relations) saying it was gadget rescue who needed to sort the gesture of goodwill and the second person (from gadget rescue) saying then that it was the first person who should sort out the gesture of goodwill sending me back to customer relations and cutting me off in the process !! So I had to ring back and start all over again - then when I thought all was sorted and the nightmare was over i have since received an email advising me of my corrected package and guess what the amount is wrong - it is more than it should be even though i spent a huge amount of time explaining my bill to customer relations it still ended up wrong, so tomorrow i get to phone customer relations all over again - I am really not happy at all !!

Thanks for coming back to us willtup2, I'm really sorry to hear of the experience that you've had trying to get your package amended and returned back to the way it was before.

We will be able to look into this further from here, if you could respond to my colleagues private message, this would save you spending so much time on the phone, which you shouldn't have to do as it should have been sorted the first time that you got in touch with the team. 

Kind Regards,


Joining in

I have had the same. Also I was not given the new deal that was agreed on the phone. I just hope I can cancel within the 14 days cooling off period but, because it was classed as an upgrade I'm not sure.  I have been totally conned and now have had two different contracts in 2 days!  Tearing my hair out trying to get it sorted. Also, the hub 4 they have newly installed isn't working correctly on my link extender!

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi kthla,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.

Many apologies for the issues faced with your service, just to gain further clarification on the matter, can I ask is the monthly rate correct?

Also with the Hub 4 you've recently had installed, is the extender provided by ourselves or your own?

Let us know,