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help for an elderly aunt with no details


Hope someone can help?

We have an elderly aunt visiting us today who has just informed us her tv service had been disconnected and did not return until her friend nearby paid what seems to be £200 into her account!

She does not know know account number but we can supply her name, address, post code and phone number if that would help.

She is informing us that she has no idea what exactly she is paying for and she thinks she is paying a lot for tv and phone. She has no computers or tablets or any kind of tech like that so will not be using any data as such.

Would it be possible for us to manage her account for her so that we can keep tabs on what she is signed up for?

Many thanks in advance for any help offered


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Re: help for an elderly aunt with no details

Hi rickgreen

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

If you can pass security, we'd love to help.

I'll send you a PM now

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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