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contract cancellation confirmation

Evening Community,

I cancelled my broadband and TV contract by phone on the 10/07 and have already received the box to return the modems, but still, I haven't received the e-mail with the confirmation of the end of the contract.

If I login into my VM account, there is no sign that anything changed, no final bill, etc..

Can someone help me with that, please?


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Re: contract cancellation confirmation

Hi vanderrozzi,

When you cancel and give the 30 days notice period your are billed up until the date of disconnection. 

You gave 30 days notice to cancel your broadband, TV and phone on 10th July, so you will be billed up until 9th August.

In this time if another bill has been produced before your disconnection date ( 9th August) it will show that your are going to be charged for the month going forward. 

Once your disconnection goes through any advance charges on your account will be refunded back to you and you will receive a final revised bill with the correct amount owed.

If you are left with any credits on your account after the disconnection of your services you will be sent a cheque refund 45 days after disconnection. 


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