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cannot change contact phone number on account

Joining in

Hello, im unable to change the contact phone number on my Virgin Media account.

When I try to change the Phone number under Contact details, I always receive the following error:

Sorry the changes you made were not saved, please try again
I can you please help?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi dagnut,

Thanks for your post, welcome to the Community Forums. 

I'm sorry to hear you're struggling to update your contact number online. I've seen in the past this has occured with other customers, but their number has indeed updated on our end. 

Before we check this though, can you please confirm if you have tried to update your mobile number from My Virgin Media in a different browser or via the app version instead, just to be sure?

Let us know


hi Beth,

I tried both via the browser and the app and both didnt work.


Thank you for that information. 

I will now private message you to confirm some details.