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are complaints handled by a computer - artificial "intelligence" ?

On our wavelength

Given that each VM complaint response states that if they dont hear back within 28 days they will assume the case is resolved and they will close the case; I have always responded promptly. I think I am up to 30 responses so far !! 

I am in the process of pulling together all the communications to support what looks like a sure fire CISAS complaint but looking at the quality of their responses, their total failure to grasp the key points that underpin the complaint and their ongoing focus on the VM controlled complaint grouping I am starting to think that the "assigned to a member of our team and they’ll take care of it from
beginning to end" is in actual fact a computer! 

I have now raised issues on failure to honour my contract, failure to adhere to the complaints policy, faikure to escalate the complaint, failure to issue a deadlock letter. I have also raised a second complaint about their failure to follow any of the above and their ongoing insitstence that I call them despite the complaints option giving email as a resolution method.

Their solutions, in respect of the first complaint is to give me 30 days notice of contact termination ! I have disputed and the response was I had to pay early termination charges too as I was outside the cancellation window.   Today I have a text message offering me an even cheaper package to stay - BUT as far as I am concerned I havent even left.

Their solution in respect of the second complaint is to close it without further comment.

Unbelievable - I really cant see VM surviving for much longer unless their is a step change in service standards.  Prices are top end and the service bottom end.  

But enough of my moand and groans are complaints handled by a computer or are staff just told to fob customers off using any route or tactic they like - it feels like it has to be one or the other!


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Maybe that's their masterplan.

My last employer was sold, purchased by an american firm who sold off all the separate departments to recoup costs leaving a shell of the former company.

Might see the For Sale going up after they've reaped all the goodies

A horrible business practice indeed


On our wavelength

Hi @ianfromnotts - can I just ask are you sending emails to the resolution team?  If so are you getting an email response.  I ask because I have sent them a couple of emails over the last 2 days and have received no response.  I can't decide if they are slow or if they have moved and not told anyone!

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello iamfromnotts, 

Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Community. 

I am very sorry to hear of your experience when raising a complaint to the team, this is not the level of service we would expect to deliver. 

Complaints are handled by our resolutions team who are all human. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of an investigation, you would need to make the team aware in order to escalate the matter. Once the escalation has been reviewed, our management team will return to you with our final proposal of resolution. If this is not agreed, a deadlock letter will be issued to take the matter to a third party independent adjudicator. 

More information on the process can be found here

Thank you, 




All very well to state official front of house policies but as I have reported to OFGEN,  in my opinion, in reality scant to little attention is paid then by some staff.

The initial complaints responses state "Your case will be assigned to a member of our team and they’ll take care of it from
beginning to end" 

if this is the case and the following occurs, surely that member of staff should be dismissed for gross incompetence, failing to adhere to company policies and procedures, bringing the company into disrepute?

  •  continually avoid addressing specific issues raised
  • dont escalate to management when specifically requested to do so - extract from VM code of practice "When we get your complaint, we’ll aim to resolve it to your complete satisfaction. If you don’t feel this has been done, you can ask to escalate the issue to a manager."
  • initate unilateral disconnection despite remonstration that it has not been agreed
  • threaten imposition of early cancellation charges

when complaints about the above service are then closed, as they have been acording to my VM complaints history, without further comment then, I personally, can only conclude these service failings are seen as systemic good practice by VM. 

In all honesty I cannot see ADR or the small claim court (in event of early cancellation charges being imposed due to unilateral action by VM due to my ongoing complaints) being defended successfully by VM. In my opinion no reasonable person or court of law could uphold or condone the ongoing failures to address the specific issues within my complaints and I think most would treat comments about VM disconnecting my services, when I have nade it explicity clear that I have not requested nor agreed to this, and the imposition early cancellation fees as bullying harassment and threatening behaviour.

The time, cost and energy, not to mention the adverse publicity, both now and pending; that have arisen from decling to give in gracefully offer an initial apology and agree a resolution are escalating exponentially.  4 weeks to go to ADR without a deadlock letter



Virgin media complaints are handled by Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles👍

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@ianfromnotts wrote:

All very well to state official front of house policies but as I have reported to OFGEN,

Hi @ianfromnotts 

I'm afraid OFGEN won't be able to help. They deal with energy. 

It's OFCOM that's the regulator for TV, phone, mobile and broadband services. They don't get involved in individual cases, however Ofcom do track the number and type of complaints and can fine companies.

You're going the correct route via VM complaints and either waiting 8 weeks for a hopefully successful  resolution (or deadlock letter if that comes sooner) and then going to CISAS 

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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Same experience here. Spent weeks and weeks trying to get a simple fault fixed. Telephone support always "yes yes I fix for you. reboot and try tomorrow it work guaranteed". So you call back the next day and tell them it still does not work and try to speak to someone higher up to investigate further but no instead "I fix it definitively you try tomorrow it work promise". So after weeks of this I finally discover an online complaint form. Great things are looking up finally can get this resolved. So took the time to go through the entire history explaining that support just get you to reboot the box which has not worked and that each time I call they have no history of the problem and they start again at the beginning and then fob you off telling you what you want to hear but clearly being unable or unwilling to resolve the problem or escalate further. So I finally get a response to the complaint "Try rebooting the box and if that does not work call faults. Unless we hear more, will assume you are happy and will close the complaint". Absolute complete and utter total waste of time. Presumably written by some poorly written automated bot. You cannot even reply or update the complaint. I did reply to the email but had no further response. Tried to use online "chat" but it goes around in circles and then tells you to do some whathap or something. Called faults again asked them politely to update and have another look at the complaint but "no can't do that I fix the problem now definitely guaranteed, Reboot the box and try again tomorrow. thank you goodbye". Yes indeed "thank you and goodbye Virgin Media.", or as per the nature of the original problem (forever unresolved) rudely stating quote; "It seems you have a problem". Customer (sufferer) since NTL days..

Thank you for your reply Ianfromnotts.

I am sorry for what sounds like an upsetting and frustrating complaints journey, this is not the level of service we expect to  deliver. 

To be able to comment further, I will need to have access to the log of events which will mean accessing your account. To enable me to do this, I will just need to take some details via private message which I will pop over to the purple envelope on the top right of this page now. 

Thank you,