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ZERO help from staff at VM

Tuning in

Hi All,

I’m hoping someone might be able to help with this issue or can share a similar story/outcome.

I’ll aim keep a very long story short…

My contract was up for renewal in July this year and I was sent the automatic email from VM to state this and invite me to renew my contract (tv, phone and internet)

when I looked at the deals available to me, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could renew the same package for less money than I was previously paying. 

of course, I accepted this deal and then received an order confirmation email from VM and “pre contracts” to back it up.

after receiving these emails, I heard nothing further from VM but assumed everything was in hand.

I then received an email to say my next bill was ready. This bill was much more than the deal I accepted and would appear to be the standard out of contract amount for the services I receive. 

since I received this bill, I have been attempting to contact VM (WhatsApp and call centre)  to try to resolve with no success.

during my various points of contact along the way with VM, I have been given two different “back office” reference numbers which I was told was for the package to be manually adjusted to honour the package I agreed to. On both occasions, I was told this would take 3-5 days and I never had any follow up from VM.

during these chats, I explained that I would cancel my direct debit to stop the higher amount from being debited and was advised that this was ok and we could set it back up once the package had been corrected.

I was also logged to 2 formal complaints and was provided with references for both. I never heard back on either.

I then received a text from VM to say that my services would be switched off if my bill wasn’t paid. 

after receiving this text, I made further calls to VM and was told that my services wouldn’t be switched off until my complaints had been addressed.

as of last Wednesday, my services have been switched off and I’ve still not heard anything from virgin media in addressing the issues raised.

I write to ceo last week by email and in writing and not sure how quickly that might generate a response.

can anyone say what will happen next in respect of debt collection agencies?

do I need to wait for some sort of formal response before I contact the ombudsman?

im also now very concerned that this may affect my credit score.

any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks all