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'You're not with Virgin Media anymore' Although never left and still have internet

When I log into virgin media to check bills for the internet, I am greeted with a 'You're not with Virgin Media anymore'. Going onto My Bills I get a 'You've left Virgin Media'. I've tried talking to customer services but I am just sent back and forth to different call centres for hours on end with no solutions, only password resets etc. I've seen other people had this problem last year but in their case the issue was solved with no public solution. It's worrying as I can't see any previous bills. In fact, I can't see anything. I can't even go onto my account preferences - 'Your account has been disconnected, you will not be able to change your preferences now.'. 

It's been like this for a month or two because I thought it might fix itself. The internet hasn't stopped working and I'm still receiving paper invoices. And I am logging into the correct account, the account number etc is exactly the same.

Thanks in advance

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Re: 'You're not with Virgin Media anymore' Although never left and still have internet

Hi Vaseline, welcome to our community forums.


I am sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue at the moment. Have there been any recent changes to the account such as moving address or being sold a new deal that included new equipment?

Have you been able to try the register option on the sign in page and entering the details you have to see what happens?




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