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Wrongly disconnected as a goneaway

I'm in the process of selling my house but as yet I've no completion date and I'm still resident in my property. On Thursday (27th Feb) I came back from being away on a trip to find a letter addressed to the person I'm selling my house to, informing them of an installation date for their Virgin Media on 28th Feb. As I'm still in the property I tried to phone customer services to inform them that I hadn't left the property. I tried to use the landline only to find it has been cut off and when I tried the TV I found this was no longer working and later that night my broadband was cut. 

As a result I used my mobile and got through to customer services and explained the situation. I was tolled the proposed installation had been cancelled and that I would have all my services back in 24hrs. On Friday 28th Feb I called back as no services had been restored and this time I was told that it would be 72hrs.

How is it possible for an account to be deactivated with no contact with me at all? I was told they had tried to contact me but I had no letter or email. I had missed a number of calls and those which I had tried to answer went dead straight away. 

This is now the 4th day of no services. 


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Re: Wrongly disconnected as a goneaway

Welcome to the community and thank you for getting in touch K_Oliver. 


I am very sorry to hear this has happened.  


It sounds like the people purchasing your house may have contacted us to arrange services which has then caused the disconnection. 

in a situation such as this it can take up to 72 working hours for the services to be reconnected.


If you find that the service has not returned by this time tomorrow, please pop a post on this thread and let me know and we can get this looked in to. 


Thank you for your patience.