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Wrong package

So having signed up to what I thought was a package which included the TIVO box, to be told that I do not have a TIVO box installed at my house (17th July installation)

I am working in Equatorial guinea on 8 weeks rotation and my Fiancée took delivery and installation on the 17th July, our broadband went down today and I told her to use the TIVO box instead of the fire stick, this was the first time I knew we had no TIVO box.

Also I have not been able to set up an account to view my package since May 29th when I placed the order, it keeps saying that part of the website is not working at the moment but and then I get an email to say my web safe has been disabled. I try to login using my details that you have on file (Confirmed these by phoning) but it does not log me in, I then try to reset my password for it to then tell me that my email address is not registered etc,

Spoke to a customer rep to say I need to pay an additional 20 GBP to get a TIVO box added to my package and to speak to the Tech support team regarding my login issues,

Also I have not signed any contracts with Virgin on this package and you have just emailed me another contract that you are asking me to e-sign after speaking to the rep.

Conclusion, if I had access to my account in may I would have seen that there was no TIVO package included (either VM, Uswitch or my own fault in the first place) and cancelled that deal and went with another, or the same if I had actually signed the contract with Virgin I would have seen again what I was signing up for.

Could you please tell me what my options are as I feel this whole process has been very stressful and time consuming to call Virgin media when I am working 12 hour shifts 7 am to 7 pm.

Ideally I would like the package of basic TV and 100mb broadband for the 29 GBP that you have advertised.

And another thing, as I cannot login to my account I cannot register when my service is down, therefore forfeiting the 5 GBP when I have no service etc.

Many thanks,


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Re: Wrong package

Hello Davie,


Thank you for posting on the forum and welcome to the community.


It's disappointing to hear of the issues experienced and the confusion caused. I'm going to send you a Private Message to get some more details form you to look into this further for you.


Looking forward to hearing from you.