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Wrong Contract

Hi All, 

Yesterday I took out a new VM Contract for M350 Broadband with Mixit TV and 3 months Sky Movies for £53pm with the addition of a one-off £50 credit. Having woke up this morning and seen that my contract has been emailed over to me this is currently quoting my monthly contract fee being £76 instead of the originally quoted £53. 

I've attached a copy of the online chat transcript where the contract was taken out from:


Louie at 16:32, Jan 17:

I understand you and what about our Big bundle and this includes:

With over 110 channels 📺 and catch up services and apps like BBC iPlayer and YouTube

- Pause, rewind and record with our Virgin TV V6 box

I can also include 3 months at no extra cost for the (Sky Sport or Sky Movies) channels with your bundle if you choose to order today.👍

-Same broadband service

- Get inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers, plus inclusive weekend calls to 0870 numbers. ☎️

​-5GB data, unlimited call and text SIM.

You can get it for only £53 a month on an 18 months contract (£76 ongoing).

There will be £35 activation fee for self-install process that will be included on your next bill.

Sounds good?
You at 16:35, Jan 17:
Yeah, its better for me. Can I ask as what home equipment is needed for the TV Channels as I believe my property does not have an aerial
Louie at 16:36, Jan 17:

No need for aerial and we'll send you everything you need to self-install including instructions, wires, a video-tutorial link and our help line number.

We also have a dedicated team to troubleshoot and guide you through each step of the set-up.

Plug and play basis.

Sounds good?
You at 16:37, Jan 17:
Brilliant, Also as my current contract doesn't end until 21 June 2021 will I pay any additional exit fees?
Louie at 16:39, Jan 17:

No need for that and your new 18 month contract will start on 20th January for all day delivery for your new equipment.

Are you okay with that?
You at 16:41, Jan 17:
Yeah I'm okay with that, finally would it be possible for the one time £50 credit to be applied to this or possibly waive the activation fees?
Louie at 16:42, Jan 17:

No worries as I will also include the one time £50 bill credit with this offer!👍

May I know what you want to add for 3 months at no extra cost, Sky Sports or Sky Cinema?
You at 16:43, Jan 17:
Excellent and Cinema please
what will happen after the 3 months? will the Cinema channels be cut off or will these be added to the bill?
Louie at 16:44, Jan 17:

Great choice!

Sky Cinema has no extra charge for 3 months.

After 3 months it will go back to it's standard price which is £21 a month and it will be added on top of the price I have quoted.

But no need to worry because it's subject to 30 days rolling contract only.

So it can be taken out from your account anytime.

On the second month of your subscription, you can give us a call to provide 30 days notice to for the premium channels so it will fall exactly 3 months, cool?👍
You at 16:46, Jan 17:
Could it be taken out via My online account as I don't talk over the phone due to my speech impediment?
Louie at 16:47, Jan 17:

No worries as you can chat us back again so we can help you remove it on your account.

Sounds good?
You at 16:47, Jan 17:
Brilliant - thank you sounds good
Louie at 16:47, Jan 17:


Just a few reminders for your upgrade!

Calls to service numbers that begin 084/087/09/118 are charged in two parts, the access charge and the service charge.

We set the access charge and this is always shown on your monthly bills and on our website. The service charge is set and advertised by the company that you are calling.

As we provide your telephone services over our broadband, in the unlikely event of a network or power outage your telephone service will not work, along with any other technologies connected such as security and personal alarms and health monitors.

If this was happen, you can continue using your mobile phone for Emergency Services. For customer with accessibility requirements, or those without mobile phone, we have measures in place to help in the event of emergency.

All good so far?
You at 16:50, Jan 17:
Louie at 16:51, Jan 17:


Your contract for Sky Cinema is subject to a minimum term of 30 days and for your new bundle, your contract is subject to a minimum term of 18 months.

If you choose to leave your contract early or move to an address Virgin doesn’t service, you may be subject to early disconnection fees.

Can I have your most updated contact number and email address for the notification of your request today?
You at 16:52, Jan 17:
07552415383 and
Louie at 16:54, Jan 17:


Please give a minute or two to complete your order.

I am currently waiting for the order to generate it.

2 more minutes please.
You at 16:57, Jan 17:
Louie at 17:02, Jan 17:

Thanks for waiting Cory!😃

All set! You will receive an email notification within 24hrs about the changes we've made today.

It will be activated and delivered on 20th January all day delivery.👍

Our Yodel drivers are taking extra precautions to ensure your health and safety is taken care of- we’ll ring or knock the door, place the parcel on your doorstep, and then retreat to a safe distance.

The driver will then ask you to confirm your details instead of asking you to sign.

If you’re not in, we’ll follow the same steps with your neighbour.

Are you happy with that?

You at 17:03, Jan 17:

Yeah that sounds good

Louie at 17:04, Jan 17:


Please let me know if there's anything I can help you with today?
You at 17:04, Jan 17:

No that's everything - Just to confirm will the new contract take over my existing contract??
Louie at 17:05, Jan 17:

Yes that's correct!👍

Thanks for using Virgin Media webchat! Once again my name is Louie.

Kindly answer a quick survey after this chat to let us know how we have assisted you today.👍

All the best Cory and happy New Year!

You at 17:05, Jan 17:

Louie at 17:05, Jan 17:

Bye for now and stay safe! Cheers!😃



From what I can see it seems the contract has been taken out without applying the discount price?


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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
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Re: Wrong Contract

I've escalated that for the forum staff to advise.  They're pretty busy at the moment so probably won't be an immediate response, but probably better than the hassle of trying ton resolve this by telephone.

I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media. Learn more

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Wrong Contract

Hi CoryMcG, Thanks for posting. 

I am sorry for issues surrounding your monthly package price.  I would like to take a closer look at this on your behalf.  To enable me to do so, I am going to send you a private message.  Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of your screen.



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