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Wish I stayed with talk talk

I’m so angry !! I got a phone call from virgin media on Black Friday with a great deal, the big bundle no set up fee just had to pay £25 for credit check, we were promised that we would get a credit of £250 on our account, so it meant no payment for the first 4 months obviously it was a great deal so we accepted it I still had 4 months let on my previous supplier so it was perfect no overlapping payments. So you can imagine my horror when I get my first bill of £124 and a charge of £35 for set up. I contacted virgin ( what a nightmare ) to be told there was no such deal and nothing on my account, so then I put a complaint in and was told that a manager would phone me. Nope no one phoned. So we phoned again this time we were told that we had 3 months free and it was showing on the account. But yet again I get a message saying over due bill of £124. So again I phoned up questioning what was going on, and again was told that there was nothing showing on the account, and was told a manager would contact me within 24 hours to discuss this. Guess what no phone call. I’m fuming. To top it off the broadband is useless. Should of stayed with my previous supplier

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