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Why is the billing such a mess?

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My stepfather passed away in September and we had to have his account transferred to my mother. To do this she had to pay double in November (£160) which would cover December and January.

In January we received a bill for another £116. I called and spoke to a gentleman in a foreign call centre (India I believe) who said it was sent in error and wouldn’t be debited from my mothers account. A few days later it was taken from her account. She called the bank to have this retracted which was successfully done in less than an hour.

I then called Virgin Media the next day and this time I was speaking to someone from the Philippines and asked why this happened and what her bill would be going forward, I was told it was a mistake and that it would be £61 in February and then £80 in March and £80 in April.

We received a bill yesterday for March and instead of it being £80 it is now £137. This is almost £60 more than it should be. I called Virgin again last night and this time I spoke to someone in Mauritania who said essentially that yes it’s £137 for March but for April it will only be £24. I then called this morning enquiring as to when we can cancel the contract and my call went to the Philippines and I asked the person there why this is happening and why am I having to call every month and why is the bill never correct? He hung up. I then called again and spoke to a lady in the Philippine call centre who said a discount hasn’t been applied and this is why it’s £137 but it will resolve itself next month at £24 and I can cancel at any time because we don’t have a contract. The bill next month may not even be £24.00, it could be any amount. It is never what the call Centre say it is. I’m having to call up multiple times each month and my mother is being charged an extra £100 here and an extra £60 there. We’re being told one thing by one call centre and then something else by another call centre. It’s not worth it.

This is really appalling. If anyone from Virgin is reading this you can privately ask for my account name to verify what I’ve said is true. This is so chaotic and the customer service is very bad. It’s not acceptable to do this to someone who lost her partner recently.

I doubt anything will be done - I just want to let potential customers of Virgin what it’s like. I am not exaggerating. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi ava01, thanks for your first post on our help forum and a warm welcome to our community.

We're sorry to read of this experience you've had, we appreciate the inconvenience this has caused and your feedback will be passed across as we aim for a higher level of customer service.

We'd love to best assist with these issues over our forums, in order to give this a closer look and help I will send you a private message here shortly.

Please, check the top right-hand side of our page to find a purple envelope. Click on this and you'll see my message.

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Adrian has fixed the issue. The world - Virgin in particular - needs more Adrians.