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Why can't 30 days notice just be billed?

I am perfectly up and running with my new services elsewhere and managed to get a hold of packaging to send TV box back but with them messing around with my disconnection I have BB until mid August.

I'd really like to cut and run.  Send my Hub 4 back and just pay whatever I owe.

This feels like a very painful divorce as I never wanted to leave; it was a serious of unfortunate events with BB, TV upgrades and tech visit gone wrong.

Ending: VM Gig1, TV, Landline. £100pm = Started: BT 900meg, TV, Landline. £89pm.
o2 sim only: 5G, 100GB, unlimited mins & texts. £20pm
Leaving VM due to hardware and customer service issues. Customer 15+ years.
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Re: Why can't 30 days notice just be billed?

In some respects, having 3 weeks overlap of connectivity - some would say - is no bad thing. You're fortunate that new services are working, but had that not been the case, I suspect you'd have been grateful for that.

Others will have thoughts on sending kit back while technically it's still "active" (I suspect it's a recipe for something to go wrong somewhere) but as far as billing goes... until the day you're actually disconnected, there's always a chance you could reverse the cancellation and continue with VM. So the billing setup reflects that.

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