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Why are virgin lack of channels on cable

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I'm not over the moon about TV choice and a variety of channels plus I seam to drop any and never increase them.3 CHS were dropped this week 27/6/23 and yet I look at Freeview and see other CHS u don't have like earthx ,80s music other.U don't add as many as plus 1 like sky and on top of this I have to pay for half of sport CHS when I hate sports but I have full entertainment.So u give no choice well it's not right.In South Manchester on roof have bout 13 huge satalite pointing at hotbird 5 degrees west and many more.Why do u just give ,19.2 sky TV why not put some other CHS on different satalites.I remember having Musicbox then MTV 87 so try and give few at least.I. can only tell u sky TV is becoming cheaper and cheaper with the CHS u only choose you are expensive.All apps are on about anything.Id give it great thought before u go bust.

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Very Insightful Person

The answer is simple. Channel owners have to pay to join different platforms. Each one is an additional cost. If they join the pay channels they can take a cut of the subscription revenue. But then of course the more channels that do this the more the price to you & me goes up.

Another factor is that Virgin has the lowest UK coverage of all the TV platforms (46% compared to Sky's 98% & Freeview 96%). This affects advertising revenue the channels are offered.

The other thing I would point out is that Sky don't own the satellites they use. They are operated by a Belgian company, & any channel owner can approach them directly to put a channel on satellite without paying Sky. All they have to pay for is a guide listing to get a slot on Sky or Freesat boxes.

Most of the channels on Hotbird do not have UK broadcast licences from OFCOM, which they must have to join cable. In doing so they must agree to abide by the UKs broadcasting standards, which most won't want too.

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