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Why am I paying for a service that was of no use?

2 months ago I was trying to get openvpn to work from home. When I reached out to Virgin's support, I was told I would have to use something called 'Gadget Rescue' for an unspecified fee. As it turned out, they were unable to help, basically because they only know Windows and I use Linux - a fact I did point out at the very beginning.

I can see from my last two bills, that I am paying, not just for the failed attempt (which I was assured wouldn't be the case), but I am also being billed every month for a 'service' called 'Gadget Rescue' which I have no need for, since I probably know a bit more than the support team any way, having worked with UNIX, networking and all things IT for about 35 years.

Unfortunately, Virgin have cut their customers off from virtually all contact points, leaving only a phone number and possibly this forum. And I've just given up on the phone after half an hour of listening to the appalling noise they call music. So, what is the recommended way forward? Change supplier?

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