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Why I am charged for contract termination fee?

My account has been out of the fixed term contract. Actually I have been with VM for 8 years. I have a loyalty discount on my account so makes sense to me to continue use it.

Recently I moved home and opened a new account in the new address. And keep the old connection at the old place. Because I need the connection stay on for a while.

Now I closed the old account but was charged contract termination fee? Is this supposed to be charged? I thought only terminate contract earlier should be charge a fee?


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Re: Why I am charged for contract termination fee?

Hello @Gaode103


Thanks for your post - sorry to hear that you've had some issues with the closing of the old account. 


Usually when you move home, only one account can be active at any one time; once your new account activates, your old one will close. If you have moved your services and account to a new property then no Early Disconnection Fee's will apply. 


If you set up a brand new account at a new address and did not choose to move your services from your old account then this would not be the case. On your old account, you would need to give at least 30 days notice or early Disconnection Fee's would apply. If you had a loyalty discount then this usually means that you are in contract - if that is the case and you have closed the account early, then again, the fee's would apply. 


Are you able to confirm if you did a Move and Transfer of your account or if you choose to set up a new account separately? 



Katie - Forum Team

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