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Why Cant I get Virgin Services...All neighbours have it!

Hi all, 

Need some assistance from some of those in the know!!...

We had our infrastructure completed nearly 3 years ago, and been looking on the website ever since to get the virgin media through.  Our BT connection we have is appalling, and struggle to get 5mps at the best of times. So, despite checking periodically on the website, we had a new neighbour move in last month, and upon meeting them at their front door, I see the virgin box on the front wall, and they have a newly installed 500mb connection! 

Our connection box in the pavement are less than 1m apart, and after a few phone calls with sales teams, they confirmed that all but 3 houses can have it in my postcode...all semi detached houses in a straight line! Why would that be? 

Is it that someone hasn't updated the system properly.  Someone on the phone Sid that they would send an engineer out and had a deadline of last week which came and went without a whisper from anyone at Virgin.  I would be happy to pay for a cable to be pulled, but im certain if I opened the box there would be one sitting in there waiting for me!!!

Sales say that the construction team can't be contacted, not even by them, and the note on the system has to be assumed that its been checked, because they are on commission and would've told me if they could do it...seems a flawless system to me!!

Has anyone else had this issue?  I feel like the kid who is last to be picked at school sports, with an awful zoom connection for my work at home when the kids are abusing Disney+! 

Pleas help me!

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Re: Why Cant I get Virgin Services...All neighbours have it!

Hi there

Happy to take a look into this for you

I will send over a private message to take your details and see whats going on



Here to help! I'm a technician helping out whilst working from home. Find out more

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