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Where is my Amazon Prime membership promised?

Posting on here due to the ludicrous telephone waiting times at the moment. 

I was promised a years worth of Amazon prime as part of the deal when renewing my contract with virgin. The sales guy told me it would take a couple of weeks for the details to be sent in the post or by email (I forget which one now) but nothing arrived. When I called up to find out - the support guy on the phone told me he will generate the email and I'll get some information - but that he could not help me beyond that and that I had to wait for the email. (something along those lines)

Weeks and weeks have gone by and no update? 

Was this just a lie to help persuade me to sign up? I have a recording of the phone call so will be happy contact trading standards if I continue to be messed around. Has anyone else has this promised to them but have not received anything?

I know it's not super important right now but I won't be leaving this alone. 


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