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What happens when landline is ported?

Up to speed

I've just had cityfibre install their broadband today - all set up and working perfectly. I am planning on porting my landline number which I've had since the 90s to Andrew & Arnolds VOIP service, will porting the number out automatically cancel the broadband, tv, and phone or will that still have to be done manually? (which will be a pain as virgin seem impossible to cancel and are being investigated for this difficulty)


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @WoahWoahUser 

Porting the phone number will only cancel the VM telephone service. 

You would need to contact VM and advise that you are porting the number and also wish to cancel the tv and broadband.  It might be best if you left this part of the cancellation until your phone line has been succesfully migrated to Andrew & Arnolds because things can go wrong which might mean yuo losing your number. Basically the number port will often fail if there is a cancellation marker on the line. 

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @WoahWoahUser, thanks for reaching out to us. 👋🏼 We're sorry to hear you wish to leave regarding the landline services. 😞

Porting the number over would only cancel the landline services and not the broadband services.
If you wish to, you can message our WhatsApp team  +447305 327 112 and they will be able to get this sorted for you.

Let us know how it goes with the team.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Dialled in

Hi, just a word of advice. I am in the middle of trying to leave, taking my Broad band TV and landline. It seems the new supplier jumped the gun, hours after I thought I had cancelled by phone, and transferred the landline. It would seem VM act far quicker when a landline is transferred, updated my current, soon I hope cancelled account, and increased the monthly cost of my package by £13, within a few hours. I quickly took the advice of goslow, and sent a recorded, signed for, delivery before 1pm letter, as the expected email acknowledging  of my cancellation has not yet arrived. All these actions confirm to me my decision to leave after over 20 years was a good one. By the way, my letter arrived in under 12 hours of my sending it.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Sincere apologies for the issues faced Yozzer,

Just to clarify however were you able to get this resolved?



Hi Kain, at this point, having cancelled on the phone, and sent a letter recorded and signed for, apart from two emails sent since I cancelled on the phone, (both the emails were to increase my monthly payments), I have heard nothing from VM in writing that they are actioning my cancelation. It just rubs it in though how quick the system was sending out the increases, when the new supplier I am going to prematurely transferred my landline. I believe the first increase removed my discount, the second added a further £13 which amazed me, as I had a service less.

I transferred automatically to VM around 2008-10, having been with NTL when fibre first came to where I live, I think early 1992/3, the first customer in this area, and have never caused any problems, so my leaving is not flippant, they have lost my trust. To go from £58 to £93 in under 18 months, the only change being the landline removed, is not sustainable for me, and with another big rise April/May next year, the dog would have to go ;0)  Kind regards, Brian

I hope virgin quickly acknowledged my cancellation once I make it as I’ve already had my new broadband installed for nearly a week and it is just brilliant and have already packed up the Virgin equipment and cables all ready to be returned ASAP.   

I understood they needed 30 days notice, so the new install is arranged for the 28th September, and the date of my finishing 12th October. My current package finishes on the 23rd September. The two emails I was sent after my phone cancellation gave the 28th to move onto a dearer package, and the second email an hour or so later was early October with an even dearer package. Considering these were sent after I cancelled is bizarre. Once my new package is up and running like yours, I hope by then VM will have responded to my phone call and letter.