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Well its contract end time.....And Im not a New Customer.

Well its contract end time and my bill has gone up by £43. Looks like I will be cancelling my contract and heading over to Sky. I have looked at the latest offers and they have an offer for £79 which sounds good to me, but and this is a big BUT, guess what I'm not a New Customer. 

Why does Virgin do this? I have been a loyal customer for over twenty years and spent a fortune on paying Virgin over the years. The law should change in line with the energy policy. They should be made to offer the cheapest deals, but guess what Im not a New Customer.

So Mr Branson, I have finally had enough of the contract games you have played over the years. It looks like Sky will get a New Customer.



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Re: Well its contract end time.....And Im not a New Customer.

Dont blame poor Mr Branson its nowt to do with him...

LG a large american company simply licences the brand.



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Re: Well its contract end time.....And Im not a New Customer.

I agree with what Kippies said.

Also you'd have been told from the start of the contract that when it expires the price would increase to X amount(along with usual price hikes etc)/lose discounts & would have had ample time to phone them up following the options for "think of leaving", then having a chat about your package & negotiate a new deal of some kind that suits you, loyalty is a thing of the past, I've been with VM since they took over from NTL back in the day when it was 1st rolled out in my city, stayed with them mainly due to quality of connection/resonable prices/negotiating contracts, as for Sky.. my daughter works in 1 of their call centres handling incoming calls & they're no different to VM in regards to how they treat their customers, new & existing, most of the calls she takes is usually an angry customer wanting to downgrade or leave for whatever reason, all ISP's are the same, unfortunately it's down to you to phone & ask, who you speak to & what they can do for you is pot luck, give them a ring, if they offer you something that's not to your liking then give them the 30 days notice to leave, in an ideal world yes it would be nice if they gave permanent discounts for loyalty/call with offers in the last month of the contract etc, sadly the onus is on us as customers to chase them, anyhow, all the best to you & I hope you manage to find something that suits your needs & more importantly, suits your pocket.

All the best.