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Was sent new contract with no instructions to confirm my acceptance

Tuning in

Received email from in July which offered a renewal at an ‘exclusive price’. 
After clicking through using the link, I was offered a renewal price that gave me the exact same package at a price I was satisfied with. 
I accepted the offer and subsequently received the relevant pre-contract documents so assumed everything was in order going forward until this month’s bill was received yesterday which was at an entirely different price. 
Called retentions to query and was told that I had needed to confirm the new contract by making a call to sales/retentions. Although I could supply details of the documents to confirm what I was offered, this was dismissed by the person I spoke with. There was no instructions anywhere on the email I received advising that I needed to make a confirmation phone call or send an email. 
I was told that they could not give me the price previously offered in my contract and that if I wanted the same services, it would cost £14 per month more. 
TNT Sports was part of my existing package and I have now found myself accepting another contract at a slightly lower price than the contract which was not honoured but minus TNT Sports. 
After having some time to digest this, I feel like I have lost a valued extra on my package through no fault on my part and think this is due entirely to inadequate communication from Virgin Media. 
I’d like to supply my details and evidence of the contract I was offered so someone can have proper look at this for me and explain why I have been left in this somewhat unsatisfactory situation. 


Tuning in

My situation similar. Unfortunately not assisting but putting on record.  Briefly,had sky sports on discount, on-line request for TNT offered and accepted although at more than originally listed.  Contract schedule downloaded with no indication of how to confirm. Phoned after about 10 days, told contract would be confirmed. Revised contract total was £24 more with sky sports discount removed.  Further call told original deal still existed and would be honoured. Guess what.  This month's bill not adjusted.