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Was offered this to stay with Virgin but now on 4th call to get details of when box will be sent

After numerous attempts to call to advise was leaving finally spoke to someone. Was offered a deal to stay and wish I hadn't. New dd setup, contract as well, so suspect 14 day cooling of is ticking down... but not got the service and no order details in account or emails actually say no change??? On 4th call since taking the offer so endless hours on hold each time promised was sorted but nothing still. Yesterday evening after an hour on hold spoke to someone who promptly dumped me back into the ivr hold cycle for another hour within minutes without any help. At which point I gave up. 

I will be making a formal complaint to Ofcom, as I understand it, no blockers should be put up to exiting a contract vs entering. As i can sign up online, I should be able to give notice online instead you have to call and put through as many hoops as possible. Then you have the matter of longer wait times on downgrade or leaving queues vs sales queues. Utter disgusting. I will now be leaving and and be cancelling in my 14day cooling off. Virgin are scam and service they provide is terrible with clear barriers to exit. I would not recommend you to my worst enemy.