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Want to leave VM

Joining in

Can a Moderator on this board please assist in helping me to leave VM?

I have tried via WhatsApp, Live Chat, even by telephone.

When ringing by telephone I don't even get an option to cancel ,it just goes on about payment.

I've been trying to sort my issue out for 2 weeks now and been left hanging on chat, apparently being connected to specialists which never materialised.

I just cannot get through to anybody. 

So I would appreciate a human being to contact me regarding this please. It really is getting beyond a joke now.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Latro54 thanks for taking your time to post although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

When the message speaks about payment, is there an outstanding payment that hasn't been made yet or is overdue?

If so, this will be why you've not been able to get through to cancel as unfortunately, we can't accept cancellations when there are overdue payments, do you know if this is the case for you?

Many thanks


Hello Tom, 


Thank you for the prompt response.

Yes that is correct.

I've been trying for two weeks by other methods to cancel because of an issue with my bill. Due to being ignored by the chat agents I did inform them that I would not be paying the bill until the issue was resolved. The services were cut off last night.

I feel this is the only way I will get VM attention.

So to clarify. I will not be able to cancel services until the bill has been paid?

My contract is up next month... Does this mean I will continue to be billed even though I am not connected and have to pay the inflated more than double the original contract price and the only way I will be allowed to cancel is if I pay what's overdue?

If so I look forward to taking legal action regarding this method of practice and will be informing OFCOM.

I would appreciate your clarification for legal purposes please.

Thank you for your time.

Hi @Latro54 thanks for your reply. 

That is correct, the amount on the bill will continue to accumulate even if there has been a cancellation of the Direct Debit itself and unfortunately, we'd not be able to cancel the account with this outstanding.

Can you advise further information on what the issue is with the bill please, is it a different amount to what you agreed in your contract for example or is it technical issues?

Many thanks


Oh wow.

So even though I will be out of contract so no legal obligations are required by me as technically I will not have entered into a new contract...VM will still charge me even though I'm not in a contract with them? How on earth is this allowed?

So VM are basically blackmailing their customers into paying to leave them? 

They have taken away the option for a customer to discuss their account with Customer Services and are rail roading them into paying a bill that have put up during a contract which the customer didn't agree to and if they don't pay the bill they will be continually charged every month, the bill going up more and more....where will it end VM? Don't you think this is extortion? Obtaining money from people who aren't even receiving services for that money? Isn't part of a contract to receive a service for the fee paid in a contract? 

I will be willing to challenge the legality of this in court and also use this as part of my OFCOM complaint.

It's not looking good for VM at the moment. People are leaving in their droves because of acts like this.

It's blackmail pure and simple. Pay up or you don't get to leave us and we will continue to charge you every month for a service you aren't even receiving....

This is not directed at you personally Tom but VM and the greedy bigcats at the top.

To answer your question, yes they put the bill up by extra which I didn't agree to in contract then because I didn't pay that extra amount and stuck to my original contract amount I got hit with late payments etc and the amount has gone up. I tried to discuss it with VM but the WhatsApp chat is absolutely useless, Live Chat is the same, can't get through via telephone so what is a customer supposed to do when they're being ignored and there is no way to discuss an account with anyone?

VM are holding people to ransom. They know what they're doing. It's a deliberate act. 

I for one will not be held to ransom.

I will be sending a formal request to cancel as I am out of contract next month by recorded delivery. You will have to accept my request. I will agree to pay an amount each month to pay off what I officially owe, not what you say I owe. If I have to take you to court because you keep on charging me I will do it. 

It's a shame a customer has to resort to this kind of action.

I will now be corresponding with other Broadband companies to replace my Broadband.

I thank you personally for your time and appreciate you are just a representative of this abhorrent company.

Hi @Latro54 thanks for your reply here.

Even though you are out of your 18-month contract, you go into a rolling 30-day agreement (like SIM-only plans for example) and in these cases, a 30-day notice period is still applicable for cancellations.

For our Terms and Conditions, please see here 

Regarding the extra amount of the bill, was this regarding the price rise campaign earlier in the year, did you receive communications from these via email or letter? We did have a right to cancel period during this time, did you discuss this with the team at the time?

I do want to try and help further but it is useful to know the facts before being able to comment in more detail.

Many thanks


You state that I would go into a rolling agreement...the operative word here is agreement. I am not agreeing to go into a rolling agreement. I want an end to the contract full stop, no rolling agreement which I haven't agreed to.

A contract has to be agreed by both parties before it's official. If I'm not agreeing no contract or agreement can be formed. I do not consent.

Like I've previously stated I will be sending a written cancellation request as per your request and that will be legal. You cannot ignore that request. You can try but I'll have proof of it which I will use should this go to court.

Yes it was the extra added on because of the price increase. I didn't agree to it, it was not part of my original contract. Why can VM change the terms of a contract but if a customer does by not paying the amount stated in the contract they will have breached the contract and lose services? I will also be challenging that.

I don't recall an email unless it was sent to the Spam box. Some emails are not being sent to my registered email address but another address so maybe that is why I have not seen it. I also don't recall getting a letter via post about it.

I couldn't discuss this with the team if I wasn't aware of it.

I appreciate you wanting to help and you've done a lot more than anyone else from VM to help and please believe me I am grateful for that. If only the other CS can be like you.

Hi @Latro54 thanks for your reply.

I do appreciate your comments here, but it is in the Terms and Conditions as follows:
"Once your minimum period ends, if you haven’t asked us to stop providing the services or asked us to change your services as mentioned above, we will continue providing you with the same services (as described in more detail below) on the then current standard monthly price for your services."

I can however due to the circumstances and your dissatisfaction, look to raise a complaint for you to see if we can resolve the problem.

Please allow me to send you a PM so I can look into this further for you, kindly expect the PM to arrive shortly and respond directly when you can!
Many thanks


Good Morning Tom,

I have replied to your DM.

Regarding your T&C's...

"Once your minimum period ends, if you haven’t asked us to stop providing the services or asked us to change your services as mentioned above, we will continue providing you with the same services (as described in more detail below) on the then current standard monthly price for your services."

I am asking you to stop providing the services though so therefore due to that request you have no right to enter me into a rolling contract agreement.  However you state I cannot cancel due to money being owed so I'm basically being held to ransom by VM which I will be legally challenging. 

Just to clarify my position publicly... I am going to send a written formal request that I no longer wish to enter into any type of contract with VM after my contract expires. That I expect my request to be taken seriously and that I will not be charged for services I am no longer receiving. I will discuss a payment plan for any amount that was due under the original contract, I will challenge any extra charges. I will cite the difficulty I have had in receiving any communication from Customer Services and the difficulty in being able to cancel. OFCOM will be informed and should legal action take place I will cite in my defence these factors, the OFCOM investigation and submit other testimonies from other customers who have received similar treatment. 

I will also be emailing the CEO in regards to this whole situation I have found myself in. If any money is taken from my card without my permission I will report it as Theft.

I would like to personally thank you Tom for your assistance. 

It's a shame that I have to leave because my issue couldn't be resolved and due to VM greed and lack of respect for its customers.

Hi @Latro54 thanks for your reply.

We'll continue to communicate via PM about this issue, hopefully we can get things resolved here.

Many thanks