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Virgin the company that keeps billing

Joining in

I give my 30 days notice July 30 to quit my final day being the 29 August paid the final bill thinking that would be the end how wrong was I . The equipment was returned on time no damage all good I thought then I receive another invoice end of September for a landline which I can not use and have not requested . I was informed by virgin that it was because the number was to be ported over and that the line needed to be left open to port the number over and needed to pay the bill . I paid the bill on the 2 November and informed them that I no longer want to port the number over so I would stop incurring chargers especially with a service I could not use are request . I have been receiving bills still the last one is billing till the 31 December . After spending 2 hours on the phone to them today I am told that my account has been kept open even after telling them by phone and recorded post that I want it closed . Apparently my new provider has asked to keep it open even after telling them and virgin I did not want to port the number . How can virgin continue billing me when I have not asked for this and have told them I do not want any services from them . Please could some one advise me what to do I did not think this would be so hard and frustrating sorry for war and peace 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey MRobinson69, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am so sorry to hear about this.

We would only continue to bill you right up until the day of the disconnection once this has ended we would send you a final bill out.

If you new provider kept this open due to the port I would reach out and ask them why they did this, who was it going to? Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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