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Virgin rip off Absurd local call charges

I've been charged ridiculous call charges for calls made to a number in the same county as me in the evening:

20:28 hrs 10 mins £1.39

18:24 hrs 20 mins £2.60

18:23 hrs 15 mins £1.99

20:28 hrs 44 mins £5.50

I thought my evening calls were included! These charges are disgraceful! I pay enough as it is for the XL bundle! 

I called to cancel my landline as I don't use it and was told if I cancelled it my monthly bill would be more as I get a discount having the landline. Clearly I shouldn't actually use it to make any local phonecalls! Disgusted with Virgin. Over £5 charge for a 44 min call at night to a local UK landline from my land line! 

This is not the first time it has happened. Every bill with call charges are like this

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Re: Virgin rip off Absurd local call charges

Hi lucyhh, 

Thanks for your post and apologies to hear that you are having an issue with call charges. 

You do get a discount for having a third service however I can't imagine it would increase your price overall. Maybe do a full package review to see if the Broadband and TV service tier is suitable for you too. 

With regards to the charges, you can view how much they are here: Call Charges

If you believe they should already be included, check your package online via My Virgin Media and come back and let us know.


Forum Team

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